Safety & Building

When obtaining a building permit for remodeling, repair, additions or new construction, applications must be filled out before any work is done. The Building Official will review all building applications which will take 2-3 business days, we will give you a call when permit is ready to be picked up with the fee amount.


Any Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical permits must be obtained by the subcontractors, unless it’s a reconnect for light, property owner can obtain those. All applications and inspections must be submitted to Lizzie Delgado, 956-464-3314 ext.1501 or 956-464-6911, you can also send an email to


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer ensures that all codes are being followed, takes care of weedy lots, dilapidated structures, street lights and complaints regarding un-kept properties.


Any complaints or concerns you can contact Roy Jimenez, Code Enforcement, 956-464-3314 ext. 1602 or 956-460-2469, you can also send us an email to


Health Inspections

Health Inspector goes every 6 (six) months to restaurants, adult and child daycare and school to check that they are keeping up with all health codes, and all inspection forms are sent to News Channel 5 and 4. Inspection are also done if there is a complaint on a business that food is being handled.


For any questions or complaints you contact Lizzie Delgado, Health Inspector, 956-464-3314 ext. 1501 or 956-464-6911, you can also send us an email to