Welcome to the Donna Police Department’s web page. I hope you will find the information contained herein both enjoyable and informative.

The Donna Police Department is proud to serve a growing community of over 24,000 residents and 10,000 Winter Texans here in the Heart of the Valley.  We are located at 207 10th Street Donna, Texas.


The mission of the Donna Police Department is to provide quality police services that enhance public safety and instill confidence in our citizenry.  We shall perform our duties with dignity, fairness, and respect for all.


The Donna Police Department has a staff of 42 Personnel.

Chief of Police 1

Lieutenant 1

Patrolman 20

Captain 1

Police Sgts 5

Investigators 5


Dispatchers 5

Secretary 1

Janitor 1

Jailer 1

Records Clerk 1

The Administration Division: 

This Division consists of the Chief of Police, Chief’s Secretary, Captain, and Lieutenant.

The Police Department administration group consists of a diverse group of outstanding individuals who work consistently to provide policing services to this community.  The policing environment present in the Donna Police Department has developed a team of professionals who are capable of dealing with the most difficult of policing problems while maintaining a professional and respectful interaction with the community.

We are proud to serve with the men and women of the Donna Police Department and this community.

The Patrol Division:

This Division consists of 5 Patrol Sergeants and 20 Patrol Officers.

The Uniform Patrol Division is the largest division within the Donna Police Department and the Patrol Officer is the most visible member of the Police Department.

Assigned to motorized patrol in marked police vehicles, officers of the Patrol Unit provide emergency services to the community 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  The Patrol Unit is directly responsible for the protection of life and property, prevention of criminal activity, preliminary investigation of offenses reported by the public, apprehension of criminal offenders, investigation of traffic accidents, and continuous preventative patrol of the community.

The Communication Division:

The Division consists of 5 certified 911 telecommunication officers.

The functions of the communication officers are to receive and prioritize 9-1-1 and non-emergency telephone calls from the public and process information using a computer-aided-dispatch (CAD) system.  The 911 communication officers shall dispatch appropriate emergency service agencies such as police, fire and emergency medical units.  The Dispatchers monitor public safety units in the field.  They retrieve and enter computer data for emergency response personnel within the service area.  The Dispatchers also monitor the town park via remote wireless web-cameras and report any suspicious activity to the police in real time.

The Criminal Investigation Division:

This division consists of 5 Criminal Investigators.

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of a Division Sergeant, 3 General Investigators, and 1 Juvenile Investigator.

The Division functions are to investigate and record all criminal offenses within the city, arrest those people involved in committing these crimes and recover stolen property.  The Division is also responsible for the initial storage and records of all confiscated property, and filing of all criminal cases with the District Attorney’s Office.

 The Juvenile Investigator investigates all juvenile cases, and works closely with school administrators.

Investigators are specially trained officers skilled in crime scene investigations, interviewing, and many other areas applicable to specific types of crimes.

Investigators are normally available during regular business hours to answer questions or provide assistance to those who have been victims of a crime.  An Investigator is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency investigative needs.